Monthly Archives: May 2020

Building is closed but church is open

Our Rector, the Revd Gary Dowd, continues to conduct a weekly act of worship that is recorded for parishoners to share in their homes on Sunday mornings. An accompanying service sheet is emailled out, as are twice weekly letters from the Rector during this time of togetherness apart. See the latest recording here. If you would like to be included on the mailing list, please contact us at

Kisiizi Hospital on Covid-19 alert

There are confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Uganda, which is now in lockdown, as well as in several neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Kisiizi Hospital, as of last week, had not yet had any Covid-19 cases, according to our latest update from Dr Ian Spillman, yet the impact of the virus has still been massive.
 Normally this is the busiest time of year for visitors to the hospital, with many elective medical students and groups whose input helps the Good Samaritan Fund, which supports the poorest patients.
 Obtaining supplies from Kampala can no longer be done with public transport, so they have to send a vehicle after obtaining special permits.  As part of their contingency planning, the hospital management team have started renovations to create a triage and isolation unit.  They have also invested in supplies and reviewed their stock of PPE and their tailors have been making more gowns, scrubs and headgear. They have also produced some face visors, using laminating pouches which seem to work quite well! You can read the latest newsletter here.
 Meanwhile, if you have money jars from the Kisiizi Lenten Appeal, which seems so long ago now, please  hold on to them until we can finally return to our church building.