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Parishioners invited to take sunflower seeds to grow

Rogation is a church tradition that has pre-Christian roots, dating back to a Roman agricultural procession honouring a deity invoked to protect the crops from mildew.  Nowadays on three days before Ascension Day (Thursday, May 26th this year), the church offers prayers for God’s blessing on the fruits of the earth and on human labour.   
 To mark Rogation Sunday this Sunday, May 22nd, sunflower seeds will be offered to anyone in the congregation who wishes to take them. You are encouraged to plant these and nurture them at home over the coming weeks.  On Sunday, September 4th, at our outdoor service and barbecue, a prize will be presented for the tallest one.
 The sunflower or “soniashnyk” is Ukraine’s national flower so as your sunflower grows it will also be a reminder of the current plight of Ukrainian people and a symbol of our hope that sunnier days are coming for them again.