Monthly Archives: November 2021

Wrap up for our outdoor services

The Rev Gary Dowd writes:
With escalating numbers of Covid cases and the imposition of new restrictions it is obvious that we are going to have to be flexible in our approach to worship this Advent and Christmas. If possible we want to avoid a repeat of last year when we had no “in-person” services over the festive season. The plan is to move OUTSIDE when possible. 
 There will be a Christingle service OUTSIDE in the grounds of the church and parish centre on Sunday, December12th at 5.30pm. Please dress appropriately! Scarves, woolly hats, Christmas jumpers, winter coats may be required depending on the air temperature. This is a short, informal, hands on, all age service ideal for all the family.
 Christingles are made from an orange decorated with red tape, sweets, and a candle. All the component parts will be supplied. Each element of a Christingle has a special meaning and helps to tell the Christian story.
 On Sunday December 19th, at 5.30pm, rather than the traditional service of nine lessons and carols we will have a less formal singing of carols around the Christmas tree outside, followed by seasonal refreshments.
Be warned as both services are weather dependent they could be cancelled at the last minute! In present circumstances it is very difficult to make plans, more details and updates will  follow.