Monthly Archives: March 2021

The one certainty in life

In the penultimate part of the Rector’s Lenten series of Midweek Messages, entitled “Facing the Future”, he reflects on the “untidy emotions” that surround the one certainty in all our lives: death. Indeed, for some, anticipation of it can blight the present.  “Facing Death” can be watched on the parish YouTube channel here 

Religion a force for good and evil

In “Worrying about Religion”, the fourth of the Rector’s “Facing the Future” series  for Lent, he reflects on the healthy and unhealthy nature of religion in our world. As the receptacle for our faith, religion is vulnerable to human folly. However, observing the drift away from the church in our “must-fit-me-precisely culture”, he reminds us of the core Christian message about “the triumph of love in every facet of life”. It can be watched here